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The original photo-journals of the LA2BA expedition have led to the largest travel book on the App Store.

A few years ago I did something a bit, well, unusual… I packed my gear, got on a motorcycle, and headed south from Los Angeles where I used to live and work as a photographer.

I spent the following two years exploring Latin America, all the way to the southernmost city in the world. By the time I got back to settled life, I had a story worth telling.

Chronicling the adventure all the way to Argentina, LOS ANGELES to BUENOS AIRES is a massive book that will take you on a spectacular journey through 12 countries, with over 800 pages of exquisite photography and candid journals.

The universal app runs on both the iPad and iPhone, and a FREE edition is also available. CLICK HERE to download your copy NOW!

The Family Album

When Project LA2BA got rolling on December 14, 2007, it was planned to be a five-month expedition ending in Buenos Aires.

As of this writing, it has covered over 2.5 times the planned distance through 15 countries, and over 2 years after the first post, I’m about to conclude this spectacular journey.¬†What started as an adventure turned into a lifestyle, and the guy now writing these words is a significantly different person than the one started it.

Nevertheless, I can tell you this much: this is only a beginning =)

Still no go.

The initial plan was to leave on October 15th THE LATEST, so that I could reach Ushuaia by the end of their summer. But of course, almost everything that could go wrong seems to have, and I’m still stuck here in LA.

Even the recent accident that totalled my car and the never ending frustration inflicted by Infinity insurance could not have delayed me this much.

But I am a citizen of Turkey, and that means I have to deal with things like visas. Thing is, they used to be one or two day’s work tops. It was a 45 day wait to obtain a tourist visa to Mexico. Then, started the wait for the visa to Panama. I was told it would take one month to get it, and applied on September 24, accepting to delay my departure a bit.

As of this writing, almost 2 months later, I neither have the visa nor a given date. For at least 2 weeks now, I’ve been talking to the Panama consulate in Houston every day, going through a strange routine. In the mornings I ask how much longer I need to wait and am told: “We’ll call Panama City and get back to you at 2pm”. They never call. Then, when I call again after 2, they say : “We’re sorry it’s not ready, maybe tomorrow”. I mean, everyday! So, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe in another life. They don’t know, and they don’t know who might know either.

Here’s the better part: while I wait for divine intervention, my Mexican visa is getting close to expiration. When it does, it will mean that this is an unbreakable loop!

If I could find a reliable cargo company that can fly a motorcycle from Costa Rica to Colombia or Equador, I’d just hit the road and skip Panama. But for now I’m at their mercy, and so far they don’t seem to have any.

What a wonderful start.