When Project LA2BA got rolling on December 14, 2007, it was planned to be a five-month expedition ending in Buenos Aires.

As of this writing, it has covered over 2.5 times the planned distance through 15 countries, and over 2 years after the first post, I’m about to conclude this spectacular journey. What started as an adventure turned into a lifestyle, and the guy now writing these words is a significantly different person than the one started it.

Nevertheless, I can tell you this much: this is only a beginning =)

A few years ago I did something a bit, well, unusual... I packed my gear, got on a motorcycle, and headed south from Los Angeles where I used to live and work as a photographer.

I spent the following two years exploring Latin America, all the way to the southernmost city in the world. By the time I got back to settled life, I had a story worth telling.

Chronicling the adventure all the way to Argentina, LOS ANGELES to BUENOS AIRES is a massive book that will take you on a spectacular journey through 12 countries, with over 800 pages of exquisite photography and candid journals.

The universal app runs on both the iPad and iPhone, and a FREE edition is also available. CLICK HERE to download your copy NOW!

What do you say?