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Building the Adventure Motorcycle

Preparing your motorcycle for the long haul may involve quite a bit of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. As looking at others’ bikes for ideas is probably where we all start, deconstructed here is the recipe for my 2008 KLR 650 named Katırga, including the refinements applied along the way. In the two years we spent together on the road, I also learned a few lessons worth sharing. Continue reading

The Ultimate Travel Motorcycle

Many motorcycle travelers start planning their trips several months ahead. When the preparations begin, the to-do list seems to keep growing rather than shrinking, and time literally flies.

Back in 2007, when the idea of a motorcycle journey came up, the target destination automatically implicated a departure date only 2 months ahead. If I could leave before October, I could hope to make it to Ushuaia before everything froze. Continue reading